The Dating Sin

By The Kenyan Bar Guy

Published on 18/11/2022

Let’s get right into it. The dating scene has become messy. The number of single and divorced men is as high as our national external debt.

What is going on here? Relationships don’t last long as they used to. Kenyan women have become harder and harder to chase. 

It is usually rosy on the first date where they sort of “behave’’ but it is just a facade and while many might write off the meninists they are actually to some extent right. In this country, it is easier to chase vodka with cold or hot water than it is to chase a Kenyan woman, and here is why. 

  1. They are bitter. 

You would rather lick a sliced lemon than date in Kenya. Their reasons are many but mostly it is on us. Men do stupid things and expect brilliant results. But as they say, not all men. It could be that guy that got her pregnant while in college and ditched her. It could be the guy that promised marriage then ended up with someone else. It could also be that guy that promised the world just for some taste of the honey pot then disappeared. But all this trauma always lingers with them like the smell of cigarettes on a smoker. One thing to know is that it is not your job to heal them. It is not your job to console them. Just move on and live your life because if you were in the same position they would also not think twice. 

  1. They are materialistic 

No romance without finance is actually true. As a man, anything you want to do for your woman or your potential women will always involve money. Do not believe in the premise that it is the little things that count. Even if you do breakfast in bed the cost of eggs, sausages, and or bacon will still be on your bill. This gender will not visit you with any kind of shopping unless they are your mother. You will be expected to buy shoes as if you work at BATA, come with flowers or send them every time like you are helping the pollination process and chocolates like you are Willy Wonka. In this economy where every coin counts, just avoid it. The left/right-hand works and Arimis is cheap if it is really necessary. 

  1. They have mileage 

When car salespeople are selling cars one of the selling points is how much mileage the car has done. In this case, when buying one, both genders will actually consider this before making that purchase decision. Now, coitus is not a bad thing. But, the dating scene in Kenya is where women lie about their body count and chances are when you go out to a club you will run into a previous partner and they will hug like long-lost lovers leaving you wondering what the hell is going on. At this time you are still the one paying the bill and leaves you feeling like you were playing FIFA that was your turn and the pad was handed over to you. 

  1. They do not value morals 

The good guy always finishes last sounds like a cliche but it is actually true. You can give them the world, and be considerate, kind, and loving but in the end, a washed-out celebrity will end up snatching her away from you and she will come back in the morning with pretentious remorse. The women in this case will call such instances girls’ night out, of course, sponsored by a group of guys, and a traffic jam of excuses to justify their actions. It might not apply to all but this point cannot be overlooked. If this happens just to make sure you left your heart in your pocket and be ready to raise a kid that is not yours. 

  1. They believe in popular culture 

Yes, being sensitive is a good thing, and using hashtags does not make you a bad person. However, when you pay attention to the conversations on social media and what they say, you realize that you are making a mistake. There are a couple of red flags to look out for and the number one is feminism. From the age of our parents and grandparents even our ancestors there have been clear gender roles. These ones will be thrown out the window. You would rather hire someone to come into your house and do the basic things and continue living your life as you want. The rest of the things that can be mentioned I will rather leave out but just one, gender identification. 

So have a good one guys and remember that sin is always forgivable. 

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