50 Rules of Being a Cool Man 

One can say that Barack Obama was the last truly cool card that the world ever saw. We can debate his political leanings and stance

7 Drinks A Man Should Have in Their House

There are two kinds of house guests. The planners and the show-uppers. The planners are meticulous. They will take approximately 2 academic years planning on

The Dating Sin

Let’s get right into it. The dating scene has become messy. The number of single and divorced men is as high as our national external

At A Certain Age

Once you hit a certain age, the pressure is off. You are no longer looking to be the best-looking person in the room, you leave

Mid-30S Dating Questions

Before we start I want to make something completely clear, so let me put on my safety helmet and get a riot shield just in

10 Things Every Good Bar Must Have

There is a scary trend among Kenyan bars lately. They have become blood-sucking and energy-draining spots that only come alive during the night. They have